For centuries, companies, banks and governments have been trying to control markets, marketable securities, money and the monetary environment. In 1602 the first shares in history were issued by the Dutch East India Corporation. In modern ages, trillions of dollars per day are made (and lost) on the financial markets, just by speculation. Millions of business owners, their employees, journalists, civil servants, professors and presidents are trying to make sense of it. To understand the financial markets; to judge the markets. To understand what the price of commodities has to do with government decisions, with war, with low or high interest rates and monetary stimulation. Who understands the markets, can make a fortune. The worldwide web has made things faster and yet more complicated. Millions of computers control the financial markets and make decisions on buying, selling, trading or not trading. Despite all the (automated) intelligence, man is still not capable of predicting business figures, monetary results and stock market performances. The (financial) crisis in 2008 came as huge surprise; a thief in the night. Our monetary and economic system came close to a collapse.


GLARIUS is a start-up company that develops new models and tools to understand and predict the developments in the financial world. We believe in a helicopter view rather than micro-level approach. All too many financial websites and their visitors get lost in that labyrinth of endless rows, columns of results, numbers and percentages. It is at country- and global level that the movements, ratios and performances of the financial markets are initiated and determined. Big decisions, big implications. At GLARIUS we monitor, evaluate ratios, performances, environmental factors and build scale models to anticipate and interact with future movements.





Although the Contents of this website are provided under the highest professional standards, GLARIUS specifically disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the use of these Contents or any results with respect thereto. This website uses forward-looking financial projections based on specific assumptions as well as judgments and estimates with respect to economic conditions, regulatory, market and financial conditions and future events, all of which are beyond our control and could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated or projected. The financial prognoses are modelled and calculated with utmost care and knowledge but do not take into account any unexpected future circumstances or events. GLARIUS does not undertake, and specifically disclaims, any (financial) responsibility for financial results derived from investments made based upon our prognoses model as shown on the website.


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